Our Travel Story

We are Joe and Hannah. An English couple with a passion for food, culture, terrible dancing and adventures.

Ever since a 10 week stint in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia back in 2013, we had talked, fantasied and obsessed about doing a 'Big Trip', but somehow life just got in the way. Family ties, work commitments, lack of money and a hundred other excuses stopped us booking flights and just doing it. I really thought it was never going to happen.

Then an invitation arrived, Joe's beautiful sister was to be married in August 2015 in Sydney Australia, it was just the kick up the bum we needed. There's no point going to Australia for a couple of weeks now is there?

We started saving in February 2015, but savings hard, and boring, and when you have crap jobs combined with bills, rent and next to 0 self control the bank balance just wasn't going up to what we imagined we would need. We realised we needed to knuckle down, no more going out, no more takeaways, no more 'but we deserve this' drinks on a Friday night.

As soon as we had enough money to book our flights we did. 2 one way tickets to Sydney, arriving 14th August 2015. Our savings where officially back to £0 but now we where motivated.

4 months later we handed in our notices at work and packed up our flat. Whatever we thought we could do without we loaded into the boot of the car and hit a couple of car boot sales, considering the tat we where selling we did pretty well (800 quid on two car bootys), and by the time it came to wave good bye to fair old England we had £5000 (and 2 credit cards) between us. Not exactly what we had imagined, but enough, we thought to travel for 6 months.

We have now been gone 15 months and counting. In that time we have traveled Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and now Australia. We have dived some of the clearest waters in the world, volunteered with a family in the hills of Tana Toraja, lived on a dessert island in Linapacan, trekked the rice terraces of Batad and Banue, partied in Bali and been Cowboys in Queensland.

We are in no way travel experts, far from it, we have made hundreds if not thousands of mistakes, we have had some extreme highs and some real lows, there has been points when we have questioned what the hell we are doing, and times when we can't imagine living any other way.

This blog is about sharing our experience, the best bits and the worst, our mistakes and our successes, in the hope it might inspire someone who thinks they can't afford to travel to give it a shot.

We are as budget traveler as you can get, there are no savings, no trust funds, no 'emergency' bank accounts. We are living proof that huge adventures are possible on tiny budgets, that anyone can live their travel dream.


All you need to do is book that flight.

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